Online Therapy and Counseling For BC

Convenient, Private & Professional Psychotherapy From The Comfort of Your Home!

Overwhelmed. Isolated. Stuck?

Stuck with the same thoughts you had last week and the week before that…. trapped in a negative cycle you can’t break free from?

Maybe your emotions feel less manageable, more intense and you’re worried about losing control…

You’ve tried everything and don’t get why you can’t shift this…don’t understand why you feel so down, so negative, irritated, stressed and exhausted….

There is a way out of this…a way to make sense of what’s happening, make sense of your life and your mind…There’s a way to break the cycle and gain control of your life.

That’s where Wellness Within comes In. We can help make that change a reality.

With over 50+ years of experience, we can help you achieve a life of true peace and calm.

Why Online Therapy?

Here’s some benefits to help you decide if online therapy is for you.

Easy to Access

We make therapy as easy as possible to access. We know it takes a lot just to show up. We meet you in your world and all you have to do it show up!



Therapy is a highly personal and private journey. Our services protect this. You can be assured that your online counselling experience is absolutely private and confidential.


People choose online therapy because they can meet in the comfort of their home. At times therapy is about exploring what’s not comfortable so we meet where you feel most comfortable. This comfort may allow for a deeper and more beneficial experience.

What Makes Us Different?

We have over 70+ years of combined expertise helping people transform their lives. It’s all we do. And it’s what we do well.

We have no waitlists, so you can get help quicker.

You can schedule a free consultation to confirm we’re the right fit to help you

We are results-oriented, so you know from day one you’re getting back on track


How To Get Started

Simply click below to schedule for a FREE consultation call

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