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Fearful. Rejected. Stuck. Longing For What You Once Had…

Do you miss the connection you and your partner used to have?

That emotional intimacy that just made you happy every day to wake up, see their messages and look forward to the evening.

That physical intimacy where you felt secure enough to be free and spontaneous…

There just seems to be a distance between you two, this gulf that can’t be crossed. You try different techniques, you try reaching out, but you’re still speaking different languages.

Things don’t have to go this way…

Therapy can help you get back to DATING your partner again, to feel the way you once did.

Through therapy, we get to the CORE of what is going wrong and help fix it.

We rebuild your relationship starting from the ground up, starting with the friendship.

It’s like meeting your partner for the first time, rekindling that inner passion, that inner desire.

We then give you the tools, the systems, the techniques to not slide backward, but to keep growing together as a couple.

Not just returning to what you once had, but actually having a BETTER relationship because you’ve been through so much.

The spark returns, the feelings are intense, and now you know how to keep it that way.


Here’s some benefits to help you decide if online therapy is for you.

Easy to Access

We make therapy as easy as possible to access. We know it takes a lot just to show up. We meet you in your world and all you have to do it show up!



Therapy is a highly personal and private journey. Our services protect this.

You can be assured that your online counselling experience is absolutely private and confidential. 


People choose online therapy because they can meet in the comfort of their home.

At times therapy is about exploring what’s not comfortable so we meet where you feel most comfortable. This comfort may allow for a deeper and more beneficial experience. 

Why Choose Wellness Within

  • We have over 50+ years of combined expertise helping couples. It’s all we do. And it’s what we do well.

  • We have no waitlists, so you can get help quicker.

  • We can help you online virtually, or in person with offices through the Middle Tennessee area.

  • We will respond to you the same day you reach out.

  • We are results-oriented, so you know from day one your relationship is getting back on track.

Our Services

What are you up against in your life?  We can help!

Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues


Trauma and PTSD

Childhood Trauma and Attachment



LGBTQ+ Related Issues


Personal Growth

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One tiny step in a new direction may be one of the biggest changes in your life!

We will walk with you one step at a time!

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