Childhood Trauma and Attachment Issues

Struggling with Childhood Trauma and Attachment Issues? We can help!


Childhood Trauma and Attachment Issues

“Childhood trauma is relationship trauma. You cannot heal relationship trauma by yourself.  It has to be healed in relation.” J. Brandt

We’re here and we have the tools and skill to navigate a process for healing childhood trauma. The therapeutic relationship is intentionally constructed to heal relationship trauma from childhood.

The impact of trauma from the past lives in our unconscious mind in the present, and drives our reactivity in our adult world. The past is only relevant if its in present. We are skilled to notice with you when the past is present and to help you get unstuck from being bound by old painful dynamics.

Let’s partner together to reorganize your inner world to create empowerment and freedom to grow a joyful life. It is possible.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves.” S Maraboli

We welcome you to be your beautiful self

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