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Megan Moreau

Hi, I’m Megan

Having always had a passion for people and the way our brain functions, I grew a love of Psychology at a very young age. Unfortunately, life chose to deal me a deck of cards I had no choice in playing, but in doing so I was able to grow tremendously and learned about myself beyond reprieve, especially when it came to my soft and hard limits.

I’ve learned a lot about dealing with challenges in life. Halfway through my B.A in Developmental Psychology, determined to do something great, life had other plans for me. Fast forward two years and I’m holding this picturesque version of my mini following a few traumatizing events and wondering what in the world I’m going to do with a baby and no education.

You do not just wake up and become the butterfly, Growth is a process. – Rupi Kaur

 I went back to school for my Social Service Work Certificate and obtained my Legal Office Administration and Paralegal Services Diploma. 

I bring my life experience and my passion to this work and strive to make things as simple as humanly possible for everyone around me.

My Approach

What I love to do is to find ways to connect with you and make this step in your life easier, smoother and friendlier!

I was overjoyed to join this practice because this is what I love to do and what I do best!  Everyone in my surroundings squealed with me at how perfect this opportunity would be. This practice enthralls me. Watching it grow and being a part its unfolding truly excites me. The opportunity to do something like this doesn’t come along very often and I’m forever grateful that I’m here as your Intake Director and Social Media Manager.  I’m an amazing listener. I want you to know that you’re welcome to reach out whenever, wherever, however. This is a safe place for you, and I will advocate for your needs, no questions asked. 

Experience and Training

Areas of Speciality

B.A in Developmental Psychology in progress; Social Service Work Certificate; Legal Office Administration and Paralegal Services Diploma


B.A in Developmental Psychology in progress; Social Service Work Certificate; Legal Office Administration and Paralegal Services Diploma


**Insurance is not guaranteed, please verify with your insurance company to make sure you are covered for Psychotherapy by a Registered Psychotherapist.

Beyond therapy…

When I’m not working for this amazing practice, you can see me wearing one of many alternating hats; taxi, driver, chef, waitress, maid, concierge service, plumber, mechanic, doctor, nurse … and all that is just for my tinies. My family is my world, so I’m consistently doing things to keep them entertained and as educated as I can, whether it be from taking them to the animal farm or the aquarium, to simply going out to the cottage for a good ol’ fishing trip.

We love the outdoors and enjoy our time outside as much as possible, while it lasts! If I’m not rallying the troops, you’ll surely find me playing with my fur-babies, whether it be playing fetch with Harley or intense cuddle sessions with meow-ster Ram, I am an avid animal lover.

I have an innate love for books and will surely finish the book I’ve purchased within a night, I get carried away in the stories and let them envelope me in their words with each flipping page.

And if all that isn’t enough to describe me, here are a few fun facts. I am double jointed, I’m a Frenchie – so yes, I can understand and respond to you in French if the need is there, I’m an overachiever, I have anxiety, depression as well as mild PTSD – so I do understand the jist of this internal struggle most of us are faced with on a daily basis, I am a HUGE nerd … and by nerd I mean that I am always looking to learn! And will absolutely beat you at a game of Super Mario … Bring it on!

One more thing….

Remember, we’re all human and doing our very best navigating this inner and outer world.  Know you are always welcome here as yourself…unless you can be a unicorn of course!

If in doubt let it out – Call, ask, email, reach out!

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