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Annette Vlieg

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Hi, I’m Annette

Perhaps you’re questioning the status quo of your life or need to explore and understand parts of yourself, or your life, that are causing you pain? Is there a disconnect between who you are, how you act, and who you feel yourself to truly be? Maybe you’re wondering about “the self” we find ourselves constructing to manage in this complex world. I welcome all these explorations. 

It takes a strong desire for change and growth to start therapy and do the inner work that will lead to feeling better in a sustainable way. I respect this.  Taking the first step requires courage, curiosity, and self-compassion.

I’m here to take the next steps with you.  

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


My Approach

I believe we manage as best as we can, but often we’re using coping mechanisms we developed very early in life. These early coping mechanisms were important; they protected us from difficult or stressful situations – but our lives have outgrown their usefulness. Understanding our patterns of behaviour and their roots can free us to live differently and have choices. We consciously and unconsciously shape ourselves in response to all kinds of things in our environment such as our relationships, our experiences and societal views and expectations. I can help you unpack this and make sense of your life. 

I bring warmth, humanity, experience, and a genuine interest in supporting you to get to know all the parts of yourself. Sensitivity and skill with all forms of trauma, big and small, informs all my work. I can provide tools and strategies, however, while these can be very helpful,in my experience, they don’t always deal with the underlying source of pain. Knowing your own mind and understanding your feelings can uncover the roots of pain and allow for healing.

Experience and Training

Areas of Speciality

Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health issues, Trauma, Attachment Issues, Parenting; Shame Resilience, LGBTQ+, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Child Counselling,Personal Counselling, Group Facilitation,


Bachelor of Social Work

Ego State Therapy, Hypnotherapy Advanced Training.Narrative Therapy. Traumatic Incident Reduction.Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behavior.CBT Trauma, CBT Anxiety 


Registered Social Worker Registration #815157**Insurance is not guaranteed, please verify with your insurance company to make sure you are covered for Psychotherapy by a Registered Psychotherapist or Registered Social Worker.

Pain and trauma tend to be rooted in the body and often difficult to put into words. For that reason, I often use Clinical Hypnotherapy to make progress when words can’t be found or spoken. It provides an opportunity for you to become aware of your unconscious, your imagination, and inner resources, allowing you to safely and gently reconnect with your body. This can be a pathway to exploring painful memories without the risk of being re-traumatized.


Beyond therapy…

I’ve sought out therapy to overcome difficult life events or periods of internal struggle. I know what it feels like to be a client.  Some of these events were long ago and some more recent. My experience of pain and healing gives me compassion for others in pain.  I have kept abreast of developments in therapy over time and renew my love for the work with training on a regular basis. I’m intensely passionate about this work and how it is done.  In my own life, my passions are art (painting and paper mache sculpture), music of all kinds and almost any animal.  I generally marvel at what people can create with their hands, their voices and their minds.  


One more thing…

A quote I love by Frank Zappa. “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”   


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