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Overwhelmed. Isolated.
Pent Up. Stuck.

Here you are again, stuck with the same thoughts you had last week, and the week before that for what seems to be months now. No matter what you have tried, you feel stuck.

Everyday you wake up, you just don’t want to get out of bed. You can’t bare to think of getting showered, getting dressed and getting to “work”.

The isolation is becoming too much and you’re just not sure how much longer you can take it…

What’s at stake is if you do nothing…if you don’t take action…then yes this will continue. If you do nothing, chances are that things will continue to spiral downwards down this tunnel.

However if you take action, if you reach out for help, then things can start getting better today.

We Can Help!

Online therapy is one of the most convenient and powerful tools for growth and sustainable change. We’re here to empower you to make the changes you need in your life.

We eat, sleep and breathe therapy because we believe in its ability to transform your life from the inside out. Psychotherapy is designed to help you create more freedom in your mind and in your life.

Easy access from the comfort of your home, office or even take us on a hike! All you need is high-speed internet, a phone, tablet or laptop and a little privacy and we’ll meet you there.

Discover a safe and secure space for you to ease your mind and make sense of emotions and your life. We’re open-minded and interested in understanding you and supporting you to live an empowered life.

Our Services

What are you up against in your life?  We can help!

Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues


Trauma and PTSD

Childhood Trauma and Attachment



LGBTQ+ Related Issues


Personal Growth


Here’s some benefits to help you decide if online therapy is for you.

Easy to Access

We make therapy as easy as possible to access. We know it takes a lot just to show up. We meet you in your world and all you have to do it show up!

No more waiting rooms and appointments across town.  Meet online in the comfort of your home. It’s accessible to people with disabilities, people who don’t drive and people in remote locations, either geographically or emotionally,  prevent them from attending in-person.



Therapy is a highly personal and private journey. Our services protect this.

While we think therapy is a tool everyone can benefit from, you still need privacy and be free from any stigma that may prevent you. We provide you with state-of-the-art security. You can be assured that your online counseling experience is absolutely private and confidential. No one will see you in the waiting room.


People choose online therapy because they can meet in the comfort of their home.

At times therapy is about exploring what’s not comfortable so we meet where you feel most comfortable. Your kitchen, bedroom or even the backyard; maybe your favourite place in the woods.

If you’re dealing with trauma, having less triggers and less change needed to access therapy makes it more doable. This comfort may allow for a deeper and more beneficial experience. You don’t even have to cancel if you’re sick or there’s bad driving conditions!

3 Easy Steps – Start Today

It can be difficult to take the first step to reach out. We know…At Wellness Within, we make it easy for you to get help.

1. Simply click below to schedule for a FREE consultation call

No complicated scheduling, no sitting in a waiting room, no leaving the house. Just enter your email and then select a time on our schedule!

2. Let’s Chat!

We’ll call at a time that suits you, In the comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel most at ease. Our Clinical Director will help  connect you with the therapist that will best support you and your unique goals. 

3. Let’s Meet (Online)!

If you like the sound of our recommended therapist, then we’ll encourage you to have a video therapy session right from home! No commitment. No pressure. No silly sales gimmicks.

This is all about you, and what works for you.

Take the first step to wellness today. We are standing by, waiting to help you feel better.

One tiny step in a new direction may be one of the biggest changes in your life!

We will walk with you one step at a time!

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