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What is Wellness Within?

We’re a small and dedicated group of psychotherapists across Ontario offering online psychotherapy. We believe it’s a rich and worthwhile investment in yourself, your life and your growth.

We want to make sure you can access it from wherever you are!

Who are the therapists?
We are therapists who eat, sleep and dream therapy. It’s a passion and we all appreciate it’s potential to create sustainable change in people’s inner and outer worlds.

We’re all Registered Psychotherapists, which means we’ve been approved by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario to provide psychotherapy within Ontario.

We all love the work we do and truly value the opportunity to work with you!

Is Online Therapy right for me?

Brilliant question! Check out our section on Online Therapy and if you’re still unsure contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.


    Who will I be working with?

    You can take a look at our team and see with whom you’d like to work or we’ll match you with the best fit, based on what you are going up against in your life.

    While we are all highly skilled and passionate, we all have different approaches and skills that we draw from in this work. We work with you to have the best match of skills, experience and personality to make it easy for you to connect and get to work.

    How long is the appointment?

    Our appointments are 60 mins.


    How much does it cost?

    Our rate is $185 +hst per hour.  As needed our reduced rates are $150 and 125+hst per hour.



    How do I pay?

    A credit card will be kept on our secure, encrypted client portal and will be billed after each appointment. 

    E-transfers are also accepted on the day of your appointment. 

    A credit card on file is required to confirm your appointment. 

    Can I be reimbursed by my Insurance?

    Possibly, but you need to check with your insurance company! We cannot guarantee the work is covered (though we believe it should be!).

    Some companies will cover a registered psychotherapist, while others will only cover psychotherapy done by a psychologist. It can be confusing so we encourage you to call and double check.

    We are all Registered Psychotherapists with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

    Why should I pay for therapy?

    Therapy is an investment both financially and emotionally.  It requires you to commit fully to a challenging and rewarding process. It’s your choice if you decide to invest the money into your growth and mental well-being through psychotherapy and hire a psychotherapist. Like other professional businesses we have expenses and pay for our lives and feed our families from our work. 

    For every one hour of time we spend with you, there are at least five hours of non-paid time and expenses for us to show up with skills and be present with you.  As with any profession there’s requirements from our College for clinical paperwork, ongoing training, supervision, personal growth,  costly membership fees, business fees, and marketing to mention some. In addition, we pay out of pocket for extended health care and do not get paid when we are sick or need our own mental health day!  This we do willingly because we love our job and so we do charge.  

    Also, through experience, we know that there’s a limited number of people with whom we can work and still show up and be present and effective.  When we take you on as a client we commit to the process with you. That means we care a lot!  The caring is free, nobody pays us for caring. It’s part of being human.  You pay for our training, experience and expertise.

    We take this work seriously.  We make sure we take the measures needed within our own life, professionally and personally, to show up as fully and consistently as we can to work with you through challenging yet vital territory. 

    If the fee is prohibitive, we’ll help you explore ways to prioritize your spending so it becomes more feasible. Consider if your mental well being falls under a “want” or a “need” in your budgeting.  Often times we prioritize dining out,  a new outfit, expensive gifts or holidays over our mental well-being.  What would it be like to prioritize your mental wellness?  

    We do offer reduced rates.  If we don’t have availability at a reduced rate, we’ll connect you to other services that may be more affordable.  Fortunately, there are options!  Within Ontario you have choice. You can access free options, government funded options and there may be other therapists who do have reduced rate availability if we do not. 

    How is my privacy protected?

    We’re obsessed with securing your privacy and confidentiality. We use a state-of-the-art technological operation, and infrastructure, with one thing in mind: protecting your privacy and safeguarding the information you provide.

    Our privacy and confidentiality standards are, by far, more advanced than what is required by law or regulations, so you can feel safe and comfortable.

    Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

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