No Mind Left Behind

Don’t get left behind

Tuning into Our Inner GPS

Let’s dive into a very important tool for navigating our inner world; our emotional GPS system, and it all starts with feelings. Stay with me, I know feelings can be difficult, problematic, painful, miserable and downright inconvenient, but they are vital and they can also feel good too!

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Know Your Anchours

The stronger our emotional navigational skills are the more confident we feel to captain our ship and navigate our inner and outer world. We can learn to take on the emotional storms that might have sunk our ship before and can set sail with more curiosity to explore the vastness inside and outside of us.

“If you don’t go within you go without.”

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Am I Good Enough?

Ever asked yourself, “Am I good enough?” We touched on it a bit in our last email….but it’s the question that keeps on giving!

What exactly does it mean “Am I good enough?” Does it mean am I good enough to breathe… to speak…to take up space….to enjoy life?

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What It Takes To Fly

Butterflies are in abundance at this time of the year and come in such diverse designs, beautiful colours and sizes. They always seem to bring with them an important awareness. The evolution of a caterpillar to a butterfly has long been a wonderful metaphor for growth in our lives.

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Three Things to Remember

As long as you’re dancing, you can break the rules.

Sometimes breaking the rules is just extending the rules.

Sometimes there are no rules.

~Mary Oliver

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Everybody is a Genius

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish
by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life
believing that it is stupid.

~Albert Einstein

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

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